Sunday, June 29, 2008

CSA Pickup Numero Dos - June 26, 2008

This week we got pretty much the same vegetables, with a little variation. More garlic scapes (yeah!), 2 heads of lettuce (red leaf and green leaf, I think? Can't be bothered to go over to the fridge and look), more radishes, more bok choy, turnips without their tops, chard, green onions, and a parsley plant.

The radishes are really piling up, and I have to figure out something to do with them besides sending furious hints in Ranbir's general direction. Ranbir likes radishes. I don't, or at least I don't love them enough to do any real research on what we should do with them. Especially since I know Ranbir will just eat them raw if I send enough hints in his general direction.

So far the only thing I have cooked with our CSA vegetables is some lovely sauteed chard. Though we have also dipped into the lettuces for Yet Another Fricken Salad (when will it end?) -- this time I remembered to get other vegetables to put on the salad, though, so at least it wasn't just piles of lettuce.

Since I was lucky enough to get up Saturday morning and realize we needed to go grocery shopping, and then realize that most of the stuff on our list could be found at the greenmarket, I was able to supplement our CSA stash with a wider selection of local and organic food. Which ultimately resulted in my first attempt at a Locavore Meal. Wherein I cooked:

Recipe 2.1 - Rustic Hasselbeck Potatoes (via Orangette)

Recipe 2.2 - Scallops Meuniere Avec Noix (I actually kind of made this recipe up!)

Recipe 2.3 - The Aforementioned Sauteed Chard (via googling "chard" and finding this)

I'm also planning on doing more of the garlic scape pesto, this time possibly with some parsley added in. I've tossed the turnips into Ranbir's court this time. I have no idea how to finish off the green onions, aside from as an ingredient in other dishes. So I'm working on that.

Recipes to come!

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