Monday, August 25, 2008

Vegetarian's Hundred

Same rules as the Omnivore's Hundred, below. I'm apparently EPIC FAIL at being a vegetarian, because I don't even know what a lot of this stuff is.

1. Edamame
2. Cha Soba
3. Arame
4. Earth Balance Buttercream
5. "Homemade" sprouts (would like to try doing this, maybe if I don't ruin my herbs)
6. Green Bamboo Rice
7. Absinthe
8. Eat at a raw restaurant (would like to soon, but the only one I know of around here has a lot of mixed reviews)
9. Fresh (real) wasabi
10. Deep fried pickle - I've gotten to where I can deal with very fresh artisanally made kosher style pickles, but I cannot and probably will not ever like those nasty gigantic ones that come in the big jars that they deep fry at fairs in the south. Blegh. Ew. I don't even like thinking about them.
11. Fiddleheads
12. Garlic stuffed olives
13. Smen (get your minds out of the gutter!)
14. Goji Berries
15. Shiso or Perilla* (Maybe, it's apparently used a lot in Indian food)
16. Amaranth* (I really feel like I've had this, but I'm not sure)
17. Pomegranate molasses
18. Water convulvulus (Water Spinach)
19. Pea eggplant, Thai eggplant, green eggplant, Japanese eggplant, Indian eggplant, Sicilian eggplant...
20. A Zen Buddhist Vegan Meal
21. Kohya Dofu
22. Wild Asparagus
23. Elderberry (Just tried this the other day on the way home from Ikea!)
24. Candlenuts (kemiri)
25. Salsify* (Possible, it's pretty ubiquitous. But I've never cooked with it or anything.)
26. Nutritional Yeast
27. Pandan (I'm not going to cross this out, but from what I can gather it's mainly something to weave into baskets? Not terribly interested)
28. Roman cauliflower (this stuff is TRIPPY. I keep meaning to actually buy some one of these days)
29. Anything with acorn flour
30. Poi
31. Chaya (tree spinach)
32. Pitahaya (dragon fruit) (I've had some juice blends that include this, but I don't think that counts)
33. Asafoetida
34. Fried plantains
35. Basil seeds
36. Cardoon (this is like the 5th time I've run across a mention of cardoon in the last couple days -- need to check that out)
37. Durian (not actually sure I would try it, but I don't want to cross it out)
38. Ground Cherry or cape gooseberry
39. Fresh waterchestnut (so I take it the dusty can in my cupboard doesn't count?)
40. Cashewnut cheese
41. Nettles
42. Fake duck from a can, tofurky, or any prepared vegetarian product to resemble meat
43. Kimchi
44. Masala Dosa
45. Lotus Seed
46. Matcha
47. Loubie Bzeit (googling this caused me to stumble on the recipe, and I think I will make this soon)
48. Quince In paste form.
49. Blue Potatoes
50. Injera (I've always wanted to try Ethiopian food)
51. Nasturtium
52. Turkish Delight or Lokum (I used to hate this stuff, but I've started developing a real taste for it)
53. Spruce tips
54. Breadfruit
55. Mangosteen
56. Swede or Rutabaga
57. Garlic Scapes Hooray!
58. Lavash
59. Candied Angelica
60. Rambutan
61. Sambal One of the things I really miss about Indian food. Sad face.
62. Bhutanes Red Rice
63. Candy-cane or Chioggia beets
64. Mango
65. Ras el Hanout
66. Vegan marshmallow
67. Umeboshi
68. Red Currants
69. Puy or French lentils
70. Millet
71. Fresh Bamboo shoot
72. Jerusalem artichoke
73. Wild strawberry
74. Jambool
75. Po cha or Yak butter Tea NOM in moderation. Another bit of India nostalgia.
76. Adzuki beans* (I'm going to say yes, but I might have)
77. Shirataki
78. Manioc, yuca, cassava
79. Quinoa
80. Ramps
81. Chufa
82. Purslane
83. Curry Leaves (Kadipatta)
84. Sorrel
85. Sumac
86. Vegan cupcake (surprisingly yummy at Whole Foods)
87. Montreal bagel has nothing on a New York Style bagel
88. Peri-peri
89. Syllabub (would love to go into a bar and order this, but then again I don't really like being throttled)
90. Chartreuse (I always thought this was just another name for Absinthe or Pastis or Anisette or whatever -- guess not)
91. Kamut berries in flaky cereal form
92. Kalamansi Lime
93. Aloe
94. Morels (way at the top of my list)
95. Raw “bread”
96. Dandelion wine
97. Rosti (I don't see how this is different from a big latke, but out of respect for the Swiss, I won't claim it)
98. Loomi
99. Stinky tofu
100. Something grown by you~ (been working on basil, mint, and parsley all summer)

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Anna said...

Pandan leaves (also known as screwpine leaves) aren't really for eating, you make use of their beautiful smell. You can use the leaves in a similar way to vanilla beans - I infuse coconut milk with pandan leaves when I make sticky rice desserts. You can also wrap savoury rice with pandan leaves and then steam the parcels; the leaves give the rice a lovely scent. It's also possible to buy bottles of green pandan essence from Asian grocers (picure vanilla essence but fluoro green) which you can use to make pandan flavoured sponge cakes.